Israel, Hightech Powerhouse

"Quantum Leap for Korean Economy: The Answer is Isreal"

Author:  Han Jung-wha

Publisher:  Arachne · May 21, 2024

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Table of Contents

Part 1: How Was Israel Built as an Innovation Powerhouse?

 Chapter 1: Israel, the High-Tech Powerhouse

 Chapter 2: Culture of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

 Chapter 3: Science and Industry

 Chapter 4: Startup Ecosystem

 Chapter 5: Israel and Korea as Strategic Partners

Part 2: Understanding Israel's High-Tech Industries

 Chapter 6: Cybersecurity Industry

 Chapter 7: Defense Industry

 Chapter 8: Bio&Healthcare Industry

 Chapter 9: AgTech Industry

 Chapter 10: ClimateTech Industry

 Chapter 11: AI Industry

 Chapter 12: Mobility Industry

 Chapter 13: FinTech Industry


Israel and Korea are exemplary nations that have achieved survival and prosperity despite having scarce natural resources and facing hostile geopolitical conditions. Both countries have made outstanding achievements but are now facing various limitations. Israel, successful as a startup nation, needs external partnerships to implement its scale-up strategies. Similarly, Korea, with its strong innovation competitiveness centered around manufacturing, requires open innovation partnerships for sustainable growth. While Israel excels in taking ideas from zero to one, Korea is strong in scaling from one to 100, and 1000. The meeting of Israel, a startup innovation powerhouse, and Korea, a manufacturing innovation powerhouse, holds infinite potential for mutual development and the creation of global innovative value. To promote mutual cooperation between Korean and Israeli companies, a deep understanding of Israel is essential. This book is divided into two parts. The first part analyzes Israel as a high-tech innovation nation, covering its culture of innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, science and industry, startup ecosystem, and the current state of cooperation between Israeli and Korean companies. The second part introduces Israel's core high-tech industries.


“Israel and Korea have both overcome challenges and achieved prosperity despite complex geopolitical situations. By learning from and collaborating with each other, there is great potential for mutual development. I hope this book, which deeply analyzes the success factors of Israel's high-tech industry, will contribute to promoting exchanges and cooperation between companies in both countries.”

―  Yigal Erlich <Chairman of Yozma Group>

“I highly recommend this book to young people dreaming of startups, SMEs needing scale-up, and policymakers. Israel, an advanced technology powerhouse with 'Silicon Wadi,' the second Silicon Valley!”

―  Kim Ki-moon <Chairman of the Korea Federation of SMEs >

“Israel is a high-tech startup powerhouse with excellent commercialization capabilities based on basic science and core technology from universities and research institutes. I hope this book, widely read by those interested in Israel's innovation ecosystem, will help foster exchanges and cooperation between universities and research institutes in both countries.”

―  Lee Kwang-hyung <Professor at KAIST>

“The collaboration between Israel, strong in startups based on core technologies, and Korea, with excellent scale-up manufacturing capabilities, has high potential to lead GVC innovation. This book, providing an in-depth analysis of Israel's advanced industries and mutual cooperation strategies, is expected to be greatly beneficial to business practitioners.”

―  Jo Nam-shin <Chairman of the Korea Management Research Institute>

“Strategic cooperation with Israel, a startup nation, could be considered as one solution to securing competitiveness in the new industries currently facing Korea. I recommend this book to those interested and express my sincere gratitude to Chairman Han Jung-wha for writing it.”

―  Lee Jun-hyuk <Chairman of the World Class 300 Enterprise Association>

“Israeli venture companies, which have grown through unique entrepreneurship and M&A-driven strategies, have high potential for global market entry through cooperation with Korean venture companies in the deep-tech field. This book presents directions for Korea to leap into a venture powerhouse by learning from Israel's experience in globalizing its venture ecosystem.”

―  Sung Sang-yup <Chairman of the Venture Business Association>

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