About the Korea-Israel Conference

The Korea-Israel Conference aims to foster communication and collaboration between businesses, municipalities, public institutions, and industry organizations of Korea and Israel. With the aim of promoting mutual prosperity and growth between Korea and Israel, the Korea-Israel Conference seeks to accomplish the following:

Firstly,It aims to enhance friendly cooperation between companies and relevant institutions from both countries through effective networking. Meeting platforms will be developed to bridge cultural and psychological gaps, build trust and respect, and enhance relationships.
Secondly,It endeavors to discover new and diverse opportunities for collaboration and broaden the business horizons. To achieve this, the Korea-Israel Conference will provide opportunities and information not only for companies but also for municipalities, public institutions, and industry organizations in need of meetings.
Thirdly,It seeks to promote open innovation and support the growth of businesses and local communities in both countries. Leveraging the complementary assets and exceptional innovative capabilities of the two nations, efforts will be made to contribute to the future of co-prosperity.


Yigal Erlich

Yigal Erlich

Current  Chairman of Yozma Group
Former  Chief Scientist at the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Labor of Israel

Han Jung-whaHan Jung-wha
Current  Emeritus Professor at Hanyang University
Former  Member of the Presidential Committee for National Cohesion
Former  Head of the Small and Medium Business Administration of Korea


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